Monday, 27 February 2012

What is Calories and Creon?

As anyone who has CF (Cystic Fibrosis) or their parents/guardians will know gaining and maintaining weight is a constant battle. People with CF burn calories quickly whilst they cough, fight regular chest infections and even while they breathe! Most people with CF (90-95%) have a pancreatic insufficiency meaning without taking pancreatic enzymes (the most common brand used is Creon, hence the blog title) with food they do not absorb any fat from it, add to this the fact that whilst ill many people lose their appetite and it is easy to see why those with CF need a high calorie diet.

Calories and Creon is a place where I will collect high calorie recipes for main meals, puddings, snacks and drinks ideal for someone with CF. I also plan to compare the calorie contents of readily available pre-prepared foods to make it easier to pick the highest calorie options.

I must add I am not a dietitian so I cannot advise on a healthy CF diet or say anything about the nutritional content of these recipes other than they have a high calorie content. I also cannot guarantee the suitability of any of these recipes for those with food allergies.

Wherever possible I will include the calorie content in kcals, fat content in grams and also carbohydrate content (for those with CFRD) in grams although I cannot guarantee theses values to be correct.

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